Watch enthusiasts could not care less about this high quality replica Rolex line, but celebrities seem to love the Pearlmaster. Why?

If you were asked to name a perfect replica Rolex model, the Submariner, Daytona, GMT Master II, and Explorer I and II would all probably be the first to come to mind. Then more classic models like the Datejust, Day-Date, and Oyster Perpetual. Lastly more deep-cut models like the Yachtmasters and Cellini (or now 1908). Nobody, and I really mean nobody, would ever think to mention the luxury fake Rolex Pearlmaster.

Yet, recently go-to watchspotting Instagram account @celebwatchspotter shared a photo of Lebron James wearing his. It is a best 1:1 replica Rolex model hardly anyone ever discusses, or quite frankly shares they are chasing and lusting after. But, after a little bit of digging, and remembering I once noticed the Pearlmaster while looking into Drake’s watch collection, I have since learned that there are a fair number of celebrities who sport the aaa quality fake Rolex Pearlmaster as well. But, if I am being honest, it is a rather, to put it colloquially, ‘fugly’ design in my opinion. So, why?

The Rolex Pearlmaster backstory

First introduced in 1992, the Swiss movement replica Rolex Pearlmaster’s run would last three decades until its discontinuation in 2022. The model, which has been exclusively manufactured in precious metal since its inception and is adorned with at least 12 diamonds or gemstones in all of its configurations, is described by Paul Altieri, the CEO of Bob’s Watches, as “an ultra-premium, luxury-oriented Datejust” – a description I am inclined to agree with. In Altieri’s write-up on his platform, he explains that the Pearlmaster name stems from the model’s distinct bracelet which utilises five rounded pieces in each of its links, and high quality fake Rolex’s concealed Crownclasp reserved for their higher-end jewellery watches.

The bracelet, uncharacteristically for Rolex super clone for sale, is entirely mirror-polished. As is the Pearlmaster’s case, which towards the end of its run was presented in strictly 34mm or 39mm sizes. Initially, the top super clone Rolex Pearlmaster was presented in 29mm and 34mm sizes which makes sense as it was initially positioned as a premium Lady-Datejust.

The text cheap fake Rolex Pearlmaster was never utilised on the dial, rather Datejusts or Day-Dates outfitted on this bracelet, and embellished with diamonds and gemstones as the collection required, define them as a Pearlmaster. The throughline, in my eyes, is an incredibly garish collection of watches that seem way over the top and would have left me thinking Rolex replica for women should leave jewellery watches to experts like Piaget, Cartier, and Bulgari had they not had their beautiful rainbow Daytona and other gemset pieces in their more traditional collections. In high end copy Rolex’s usually restrained and homogenous catalogue, the bracelet architecture comes off like a poor aftermarket design that, like a quartz-ticking second hand, would mistakenly lead people to cry fake Rolex.