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The perfect his and hers combo – fake Rolex Datejust ref. 16233 and ref. 69173 two tone with blue dials

His and hers watches can be a polarising topic. Some think it’s a little off, while others love the idea of matching with their significant other. If you’re into the idea, these two Rolex Datejusts copies with blue dials are the perfect pair, both two-tone and both with enchanting blue dials. His measures 36mm in diameter, while hers is 26mm with a diamond dial.
black dial replica Rolex GMT Master-II ref. 16710 “Coke”

We’ll finish off here with a classic in it’s category – the luxury copy Rolex “Coke”. It earned its nickname thanks to its red and black 24 hour bezel, offering everything you might want from a travel watch including multiple timezone tracking and date.