Will The Value Of Rolex Watches Which Are Discontinued Be Increased?

Recently, many watch brands release the brand new models and the old versions have been discontinued. For example, the new blue and black ceramic bezel copy Rolex GMT-Master II. Therefore, some watch lovers consider that the value of the old versions must be increased as they are becoming fewer and fewer. But I have the different opinions.

The new Oystersteel Rolex caused a heat once it was released.

Oystersteel Bracelet Copy Rolex

Why do I say that the value of these discontinued watches will not be increased?

1, Whether it is the primary market or the secondary market, most of the watches that soldin the market are mass production watches. The annual output of these watches ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands and millions. Even after the production is discontinued, a large number of watches can still be found. For example, the Rolex Submariner is on the market now but it is also very easy to find an old 16610. Rolex Submariner fake with Oystersteel case ref.16610 is an old model, it is easy to obtain, and its natural value will be lower.

This old Submariner is not rare so its value will not be increased.

Black Dial Replica Rolex Submariner

2, Most of the discontinued watches have alternative new models. Now the watch is updated quickly. On one hand, the technology of movement  is updated quickly and the movement is often upgraded. For example, the co-axial movement has been experienced several generations’ update. Which is from calibre2500 to calibre8500, and then to calibre 8900. The performance of the new watches are getting stronger and stronger and of course the value of the old versions is not as good as the new ones.