Vintage 1972 Rolex GMT-Master Replica Watch For Sale

We believe every vintage high quality fake watch has a story to tell. That’s what it was founded on, and since 2016, we’ve used our knowledge to bring you a curated selection of vintage watches in the HODINKEE Shop that you won’t find elsewhere, all delivered with an emphasis on education, transparency, and storytelling. And now, we’re kicking things up a notch.

I appreciate watch brands that take a chance in their designs to craft something functional yet totally out of the box. Modern watches often feel overly safe and can lack any sense of playfulness, so there is really something to be said about these colorful, quirky tool copy watches from the 1960s and 1970s that capture the imagination.

This Rolex GMT-Master replica with brown dial caught my eye right away when it came across our desks. The various colors all blend together so seamlessly that it doesn’t even look like a two-tone watch at first glance. I love a nice “ghost” bezel, and this one is extra special because of its two-tone colorway. The pair of light grey and soft champagne hues on the bezel come together nicely with the combination of steel and gold in the case and bracelet. The bezel colors have faded to a degree where even the numerals are now faint (which is a detail I quite like about the watch, as it makes it less obvious that it is a Rolex GMT-Master). Finally, the “Root Beer” brown dial on this watch has a hint of burgundy that comes through beautifully in certain lights and angles.

The gold accents on the dial also match the case and crown, adding a hint of elegance to the classic gold and steel case Rolex replica watch design, plus the original Jubilee bracelet is easily one of the most comfortable bracelet options out there. It’s interesting to witness how vintage watches age differently over time, and this GMT-Master is one of the more enigmatic examples I’ve come across – see for yourself.