Swiss Made Rolex Day-Date 36 ‘Jigsaw’ Replica Watches

I love aaa quality replica Rolex – as does any watch enthusiast worth their salt – but I think it’s funny how every year, Rolex comes out with a few subtle changes to the same designs they’ve been selling for decades, and everyone loses their minds, us journos included. However, in 2023, perfect replica Rolex went sicko mode. Not only did they introduce an entirely new collection, the Perpetual 1908 (while simultaneously axing the Cellini and Milgauss ranges), but they also released some truly bonkers takes on two of their most staid high quality fake watches – as well as a surprisingly substantial, considered, special-edition take on the Daytona.

Okay, let’s get it out of the way first. When I’m talking about bonkers or weird, I’m talking about the luxury fake Rolex Day-Date ‘Jigsaw’. When I first saw this watch, my thought was “what the f*ck was best 1:1 replica Rolex smoking?” Not only does it feature a rainbow enamel dial that resembles the jigsaw pattern of a toddler’s play mat and rainbow-graduated sapphire indices, but its date wheel ditches numbers for 31 different emojis and the day wheel replaces days of the week with “inspirational keywords” like ‘Happy’, ‘Gratitude’, ‘Peace’ and ‘Love’.

For such a sober brand as Swiss movement copy Rolex, the Day-Date ‘Jigsaw’ is particularly gaga. But that’s what makes it so cool – on an academic level, at least. We can’t all whinge that we want to see high quality replica Rolex do something different for once and then complain when we get what we ask for. It’s undeniably one of, if not the, biggest Rolex super clone for sale release of 2023, and it utterly dominated the social media conversation during Watches & Wonders last year.