Sean Connery Originates The Role Of James Bond Wearing AAA Top Rolex Submariner Ref. 6538 Fake Watches Wholesale In ‘Dr. No’

There are times when popular culture and the world of watches intersect. And then there’s James Bond. Since 1962, film lovers the world over have watched 007 take to the screen with all of his specific charm. Dr. No is the foundational film of the series and introduces Bond – the former central figure in a series of spy novels by legendary author Ian Fleming – to popular culture. We get the tuxedos, the vodka martinis, the penchant for “romance,” and of course the best US replica watches. And while Bond wears two timepieces in this inaugural film, we’ll be looking at the introduction of a certain well-known diver that he pairs with a leather strap.

Why We’re Watching

All you math lovers have likely caught on by now. Given that Dr. No premiered in 1962, that means the Bond film franchise has turned 60 – this very week, in fact. While there’s no shortage of coverage here on Hodinkee surrounding the world of James Bond and the high quality Rolex fake watches he’s worn, it’s never the wrong time to dive into this universe and the occasion just seemed especially ripe for the writing. Given the horological lineage over the last six decades, taking a look at the first film allows one to see how it all began.

While James Bond films have become synonymous with Omega timepieces over the years, appearing on the wrists of Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig, and ostensibly whoever takes the mantle next, it certainly didn’t start that way. Like all good stories (in my opinion), it began with luxury replica Rolex Submariner watches.

As most watch lovers are already aware, Sean Connery’s James Bond wore early Big Crown Swiss made copy Rolex Submariner ref. 6538 watches with a gilt dial and red triangle on the bezel. The ref. 6538 is known to come in two flavors: four lines of text or two lines of text. We know for certain that Connery’s Bond wore a four-liner 6538 in later films (thanks to some killer close-ups), and it’s widely believed the 6538 in Dr. No is also a four-line model. This reference cheap Rolex Submariner replica watches was also the first in the collection to receive a chronometer certification, which explains the difference in lines as some were certified and others were not.

Over the years, the internet has somewhat confused the issue of the Dr. No 6538 Rolex Submariner super clone watches for sale. Photos are plastered everywhere of the same tight shot of the watch on Connery’s wrist, which shows the Sub paired with what has since become known as the “Bond NATO” for its stripe down the middle. That shot is not from Dr. No and Bond does not wear his Sub on a NATO in this film. Breaking news? Maybe for some. Instead, Bond wears his on a leather strap throughout, even underwater. I wouldn’t recommend that unless you’re MI6 with a license to kill.

Dr. No is a film I returned to with a bit of skepticism. Would it hold up? Is it the film I remember? In many ways, I can answer affirmatively to both questions. It’s an iconic film, with an iconic leading man wearing an iconic timepiece. A triple icon. I can’t believe I’m even saying this but, if you’ve never seen the film and only know it because of perfect replica Rolex watches – take a couple hours this weekend and change that.

When We’re Watching

After the first act, we find Bond hot on the trail of Dr. No. He’s recently become aware that his missing colleague had uncovered some potential radioactive minerals. On board a boat with plans to visit No’s island, Bond takes a Geiger counter to his Swiss movements fake Rolex Submariner watches-clad wrist [00:46:55]. “The luminous dial activates it,” he says. Of course, we know this is due to the radium lume used on the watch back then, but it’s nonetheless about as nerdy cool as it gets with watches in movies.

Not long after, Bond has – let’s say – a romantic evening with a character by the name of Ms. Taro (Zena Marshall), a double agent who also happens to work for Dr. No. Bond is aware of this but proceeds to share a bed with her. As the two get close and lock lips, there’s a brief movement [00:55:56] where Bond pulls her in close to him, and then slyly opens one eye to check his 1:1 online Rolex replica watches. Sometimes you just need to check the time.