First Choice Of Equestrian Champion-Rolex Daytona Replica Watches

Swiss jumping champion Steve Guerdat in ancient Atlantis learn to walk before sitting on a horse. Later he had become the world’s top jumping jockey. His success comes from his enthusiasm for horsemanship and his love of horses. The watches he like are luxury Rolex Daytona replica watches. Let us explore the main reason.

In 2012, he was the third in the world and won the game in 2013 CHI Geneva. Then in 2015,2016 he also won the champion in FEL. It is Rolex Daytona copy watches with self-winding movements witnessing his success. And later the watch seems to be his lucky element.

Cosmograph Daytona is his favorite watch. In addition the one once witness his equestrian career achievement, Rolex fake watches with rose golden cases also contain many memories of his usual life which is an important object.

The Rolex Daytona replica watches with brown dials can remind him of everything. That game is so important and meaningful for him and he will never forget it. Nowadays he always wear this kind of watch.