Wearing These Delicate Replica Watches With Lebron James

It is not long before the much-anticipated NBA Allstar Game in 2018, and eventually James barely edging out for a spot in 148 to 145. Lebron James has won the MVP award for the third time. Today, we’re looking at the Rolex fans in the Allstar game.

Lebron James

Although Lebron James is the partner of Audemars Piguet, he still owned a lot of delicate fake Rolex watch. He was spotted wearing a gold fake Rolex Day-Date II and gold fake Rolex Sky-Dweller in a black dial, and recently he was found wearing a green dial rose gold copy Rolex Day-Date 40.

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry is also a Rolex enthusiast. He is a fan of replica Rolex Deepsea watches, loyally loved these kinds of watches.

James Harden

As well as his scoring ability is his fashion sense. An integral part of his wardrobe is his watch collection, including a rose gold fake Rolex Sky Dweller and a replica Rolex Day Date II.