Rolex Daytona Replica Watch Ice-Blue Dial Shows Luxury And Sophistication

People who are interested in Rolex will be familiar with this popular Rolex Daytona fake watch which could be considered as the most popular models of Daytona except the one with rainbow bezel.

The ice-blue Daytona is very beautiful but expensive.

White Gold Bracelet Replica Rolex Daytona

The unique dial and noble white gold case make this 40 mm Rolex copy watch very amazing and expensive. Many ordinary watch lovers who are not rich enough to afford one ice-blue Daytona could enjoy the pictures I have sent here.

The ice blue dial looks very fresh and pure.

White Gold Case Replica Rolex

The highlight of this knockoff watch with chestnut ceramic bezel must be the ice-blue dial. It looks fresh and pure, which is much more suitable for hot summer. The special color will be really eye-catching when taking it when travelling.