Replica Rolex Watches Tour A video guide

— In this video, Brice Lechevalier, Editor-in-chief of the magazine GMT and founder of the Fake Rolex Watches Tour, explains the tour and offers some hidden horological secrets of Geneva.


Since Brice Lechevalier founded the Geneva Watch Tour as a way of discovering the sights of Geneva while at the same time passing by around a hundred watch stores, it has been adopted by the Geneva Tourist Office as one of its official tourist offerings. A pocket map outlining the tour, the 12 significant sights related to omega replica watchmaking and all the major watch stores is available in various languages. It offers tourists the opportunity to mix cultural enlightenment with that all-important watch shopping during their stay in the city of Calvin (whose role in the reformation of the church in Geneva played an important role in the birth of the city’s watchmaking industry).

This summer a photography exhibition organized by the Geneva replica watches us Tour at the Cité du Temps in the centre of Geneva highlights traces of the history of watchmaking as seen in the city’s architecture, from the obvious to the lesser known, as Brice Lechevalier reveals in the video. Click on the related article on the right to find out more about the exhibition and the Geneva Watch Tour.