New Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date Series 36mm Diameter Diamond Fake Watches

Rolex Day-Date Series Replica Watches were born in 1945, was the first to the surface has a calendar watch display window. A few years later, the watch crystal surface add small window lens (Cyclops eye), according to the rolex fans loved one of the classical design.


Log design classic,Rolex Classic 36 Diameter Diamond Copy Watches have more than one style, ms type log pearl lady watch for its luxury, classic and elegant charm for ladies watch. Rolex launched this year new join ms log pearl type lady watch beautiful diamond, pure and fresh and gorgeous.


New Rolex Day-Date Type 40 Fake Watches still respect the tradition of DD, it is waterproof automatic precision timing wrist watch, date and week, maintain the sense of luxury and refinement (now only gold, white gold, rose gold or platinum four material table).