How To Buy Part Of Perfect Wholesale Fake Rolex GMT Pepsi Watches For $100

Talk of fractional ownership of luxury Swiss Rolex replica watches is running ahead of reality right now, but Koia, a UK-based startup is finally ready to sell its first shavings of a Rolex.

Koia is pitching an unworn, fully stickered 1:1 best fake Rolex GMT Master (reference 126710BLRO) watches with Pepsi bezel from 2018.

Punters can buy a piece of the AAA top replica Rolex watches, which it values at $27,500, almost three times its retail price of the current GMT, which sells for $10,550.

Koia is not clear about how many $100 fractions are being sold, but presumably 275, so there would only be a profit to be made if the US Rolex copy watches wholesale continued to increase in value.

Anybody buying a fraction, will have their purchase registered as an NFT that can be traded at a later date.

Koia says the watch was one of the initial batches of the reference 126710BLRO produced by Swiss movements Rolex replica watches.

“Although a point of debate amongst collectors, this model is commonly known as the ‘Mark 1’ (Mk1). It appears that Rolex made some slight changes to the colour of the bezel in early 2019, with Rolex super clone watches shop site following the changed being called the ‘Mark 2’ (Mk 2). Given the Mk 1 was only made for a short period of time fewer fake Rolex watches for men are believed to exist making it more collectible,” the business suggests.