Hands-On with Greubel Forsey Art Item 1

High-finish wrist omega replica watches are often compared to artwork, due to the character of the development, specifically this that components require the hands of the experienced artisan in order to craft, complete, as well as sometimes the actual dials even function small paintings (known as teeth enamel-function). Not to mention that timepiece only at that level can be purchased in restricted amounts.

Well, Greubel Forsey took this idea one step further along with Artwork Item 1, a very limited number of watches showcasing artwork from the new ipod nano-statue designer Williard Wigan arranged right inside the watch.

Inside a current discussion with manufacturer company-creator Stephen Forsey, he or she told Expert Wrist watches that to be able to properly view the new ipod nano-statue, that is how big a necessity pin number head, they had to manufacture a special lens small sufficient to suit within the overhead, however razor-sharp enough to properly amplify the sculpture. The result is an within-home zoom lens having a diamond ring on the end from the crown that allows magnification and focus levels to become adjusted to the person’s preference.