Delicate Rolex Replica Watches With Brilliant Gemstones Dials

Rolex is not only the biggest luxury watchmaker, but also the major client who always consume much precious metal and jewelries of Switzerland. Rolex has created many distinctive fake watches with special dials made from gemstones.

Agate Dial

The red agate dial makes this Rolex the one and only model in the world.

Red Agate Dial Fake Rolex Day-Date

Most of the agates are in the form of spurted rock or tuberculosis in ancient lava. The cavity formed by the volatile components of the original melt is formed by the silicate component being condensed and filled along the wall. Agate is also filled with cavities created by the intrusion of granite or altered rock into granite. When this agate is cut transversely, it will show a series of generally fine parallel lines of texture. The watch brand has created a gold case copy Rolex Day-Date with a red agate dial.

Ammolite Dial

The ammolite dial of this Day-Date looks very mysterious and charming.

Precious Rolex Day-Date Imitation Watch

Ammolite is an opal-like organic gemstone found mainly on the eastern slopes of the North American Rockies. It consists of a fossil shell of ammonite, which consists mainly of aragonite, which is the same as the mineral contained in the nacre and has a microstructure that is inherited from the shell. It is one of the rare bio-gems. The blue ammolite has ever been used on the gold bracelet imitation Rolex Day-Date.