Cindy Livingston Associated with Guess Collection

Welcome back to an original aBlogtoWatch feature, “My Very first Grail View.” On this sequence, all of us request notable people in the watch business concerning the first watch that they lusted after. Today, we are talking to Cindy Livingston, the girl at the helm of the view company producing Guess and Gc wrist watches. Together with hearing about the woman’s very first grail, all of us learn exactly what your woman admires when she stops with a view shop window.

aBlogtoWatch (ABTW): Who’re a person, and what’s your romantic relationship to the view business?

Cindy Livingston: I’m Cindy Livingston, and I ‘m the actual Leader as well as CEO of Sequel AG, the watch organization located in Zug Switzerland that has kept the actual license for Guess as well as Gc watches for the past 3 decades.

ABTW: When do your fascination with wrist watches start?

Cindy Livingston: My accurate desire for wrist watches started after i had been merchandising women’s add-ons together with watches as well as jewelery for a mall in the united states. I was promoting traditional view brands, as well as in the early eighties, along arrived the development of Swatch, the vibrant plastic material view which retailed with regard to $thirty-two.00 All of us. These types of wrist watches quickly had become the accessory of choice and moved forward timekeeping into an accessory.

Fast forward 24 months, and then all of us launched Speculate wrist watches, which were simplistic watches along with steel cases and trendy knobs and straps. The remainder is actually background. After that, the entire class became predominant as well as developed into the actual meaningful company that it’s today.

ABTW: That which was your first Holy Grail watch?
Cindy Livingston: My personal first grail view would be a Chopard Happy Diamonds that I purchased personally. I still think these days, it’s a beautifully designed watch.

ABTW: Exactly what drew you to definitely this particular view?

Cindy Livingston: There is absolutely nothing that reassembled a contented Expensive diamonds watch. You immediately acknowledged the look.

ABTW: Obviously, you had been able to buy the Holy Grail. Could it be some thing you’ve still got these days?

Cindy Livingston: Concerning the period I possibly could pay for to put on luxurious watches, I began for any view company in support of wore my own product. I’ve got a fantastic assortment of great fun, fashionable item GUESS wrist watches that I put on after i am dressing casually, and that i possess stunning Switzerland timepieces from our Gc brand that include every thing I possibly could want… Classics, activity, ceramic, diamond highlights, all-more than gemstone items, as well as spectacular limited edition designs along with mechanical movements and problems. I want nothing else but my very own brands, and I am proud to wear each brands where ever Time passes.