Brief Introduction Of Swiss Luxury Rolex Explorer Replica Watches

The history of Explorer is much richer than Submariner or GMT-Master, which was registered by Rolex in January, 1953. The research project was made several years ago. In 1953, Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay successfully reached the summit of the8848m Mount Qomolangma. Rolex, the cleverest company in 20th century, immediately connected its Explorer watches with these successful climbers. From then on, the practical fake Rolex Explorer will remind people of that great adventure and exploring.

This was the first Explorer that had been printed with the word of "Explorer" on the dial.

Antique Rolex Exploer Ref. 6350 Imitation Watch

Up to now, Rolex has manufactured seven versions of Explorer. Rolex Ref.6350 copy with steel case was the first model that had been printed with Explorer, which had been equipped with calibre A296.

This timepiece has been produced for 20 years.

Oystersteel Bracelet Replica Rolex Ref.1016

Ref.1016 was created in 1963 and it had been produced for 26 years, being the Explorer with longest life expectancy. The black dial knockoff watch was equipped with calibre 1560 initially and ten years later, it was upgraded to the calibre 1570 which was added the function of stop second. The model of Explorer we often see now is Ref.214270, which features a 39 mm case.