A mother-of-pearl camelia view from rolex

Rolex has unveiled the actual Silver perch Prive Decor Camelia Nacre, a new women’s view having a mother-associated with-gem camelia upon it’s call.

A frequent motif within the brand’s jewelry selections, camellias were one of Gabrielle shop rolex replica’s favorite blossoms.

A higher-finish material, mom-of-gem lends a shimmery, nacreous aspect towards the dial of this luxury timepiece.
Mademoiselle Prive Decor Camelia Nacre
The result is all the more impressive since camelia design is made with mom-of-pearl marqueterie, which requires painstakingly exact craftsmanship considering the sensitive nature from the material.

Slightly off center on the actual 18K white gold dial, the mother-of-gem camelia has a sculpted appearance and is surrounded by 330 amazing-cut expensive diamonds (one.02cts). The 18K white gold case is also arranged along with diamonds (sixty brilliant-reduce gemstones for a complete weight of 1ct), out of the box the actual 18K white gold pin clasp about the dark silk strap (80 amazing-cut stones).

The actual Silver perch Prive Debecor Cameraelia Nacre houses a mechanical self-turning motion with hours as well as moments functions and a energy reserve of 42 hrs.

The brand new model is on display at Baselworld, which is taking place within Basel, Switzerland via March twenty six.